Hi there,

I'm Jen, an East Midlands-based portrait photographer passionate about capturing moments that tell your unique story.

My journey into photography started during my childhood visits to my grandparents in the 1970s and 80s. I would eagerly request to sift through their box of vintage black and white family photos. My gran would spread them out over the sitting room floor and tell captivating stories about all the people in them.

Hailing from a family of artists, my artistic endeavours initially led me to watercolour painting. However, my interests took a turn when I delved into a 'basic photography' course, discovering the enchantment of the darkroom. Witnessing an image gradually materialise on photographic paper became a captivating experience, steering me away from painting entirely. Subsequently, I embarked on various photography courses, solidifying my commitment to the craft.

Throughout my photography career, I've honed my skills and cultivated a distinctive style, specialising in capturing moments from weddings, events, portraits, and fashion. My work has earned recognition in both digital and print, with features in esteemed publications like GQ Magazine. Explore my portfolio to glimpse the diverse range of portraits I create, and feel free to reach out if you're interested in scheduling your own personalised photo shoot. Let's capture your story together!

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