One thing I’ve been looking forward to with having my own studio space is painting my own backdrops.

There is a lot of tutorials  out there on social media and YouTube.

I signed up to the ‘Make Backdrop Masterclass’ with The Migo Studio. They have step by step tutorials for beginners, experts and pro backdrop painters. They give you clear instructions on what you need to get started and all of the paints and equipment required for each finished look.  www.themigostudio.com/make-backdrop-masterclass-2-0

Here is one of my finished backdrops which I’m pretty happy with… 

I used: medium cotton duck canvas : 407gsm (12oz): universal primed : 183cm wide : 10m roll cut down to 9 x 6’ purchased from www.jacksonsart.com and grey and white matt wall paint.

Jen Mason Photography Studio

Jen Mason Photography Studio

Jen Mason Photography Studio

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