Radiating positivity and good vibes with Anisha Parker London - Luxury Handcrafted Jewellery.  Back in February I was asked to work on Anisha’s Lookbook for her new Cosmic Goddess collection - ‘Encapsulating traditional Vedic motifs such as the Sun and the Moon combined with graphic pattern, earthy wood, marble and mirrored texture in bold colours.’   As well as capturing her stunning jewellery pieces (modeled by niece Diya & Anisha herself), we were also able to incorporate some personal branding shots… 

“Being in front of the camera for my Cosmic Goddess look book was really scary, I love Art Directing and styling my shoots with a beautiful model. That’s the moment the concept I’ve been visualising comes to life and this time I was in it, trusting those around me to make my vision shine through . I really wanted to show personality and the real Anisha- thank you so much @jenmasonportrait for making me feel comfortable when I was stiff and unsure and @studio4.6 for making me glow and still look natural and like me! .   This has to be my favourite shot of me ever- laughing and just owning everything! Here’s to being real, raw, vulnerable and shining in all your glory.”  – Anisha Palmer

Anisha Palmar © Jen Mason

So thrilled I could help bring Anisha’s vision to life. If you haven’t already clicked on the link above, go and take a look at Anisha’s beautiful handcrafted jewellery pieces and learn more about her story and what inspires her to create such stunning works of art. (Anisha’s Instagram)

Marketing by ©Anisha Palmer London

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