My love of photography... 

My love of photography began at a young age while on family visits to my grandparents in the 1970's & 80's. I would regularly beg them to let us look through the box of old family photographs. My gran would spread them out over the sitting room floor and tell stories about all the people in them. She loved to talk about growing up in the thirties and forties and how they survived the Blitz. Gran left school at just fourteen and went to work in Nottingham Lace Market.

When she was sixteen, she had managed to save up enough money from her wages to pay for a portrait sitting at a local studio. She kept her favourite photograph from her photo shoot folded up in her purse for years, until it became too delicate and torn at the edges.

Photographs are so much more than just pictures, in time, they can become precious family heirlooms helping us to keep the memory of our loved ones alive, long after they have gone.

I still love to look through the box of family photographs and the beautiful little portrait that Gran cherished so much. I'm so grateful for that picture, times were hard then and it would have cost her a lot of money to have it done. Now of course, it is absolutely priceless!

My Gran was a beautiful woman both inside and out, she was everything to me and her love of photographs inspired me to become a portrait photographer. 

In loving memory of Maisie Levers
1931 - 2018

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